Return of Firdaos and $FDO!

Firdaos is a platform that enables fractional investing and crowdfunding of various asset pools that range from global real-estate to any tangible that has an intrinsic value. It utilises artifical intelligence based scripts that make investing user funds into the highest performing pools basis heavy analytics and algorithms. 

We are excited to put this action plan into play that we have been strategising for far too long now and was waiting for the right market opportunity to deploy, launch and bring into action — Firdaos. 

As we all know at its peak, Firdaos’s native token FDO touched an ATH of ~$8 and was over 9 figures liquid across markets! 

Now with the return of Firdaos, here is how the plan will be executed. Primarily, exchanges that are having NFTz integrated and trading will switch it to FDO and trading will resume at its pace and smoothly will take the course of an upward action. 

Firdaos will already be having its own CMC, CoinGecko, Coinbase, Binance and other asset tracking platform pages by default at the time of relaunch. 

Firdaos also happens to have its own marketplace that will be live along with its fractional investing pools v1 active for all users to participate in. 

Now for further conversions, swaps and tokenomics — we will be deploying those mathematical values in an individual blog as we get closer to the conversion over the next few days. 

Let’s create new all-time highs and platforms that are superior and take the space by waves!

Firdaos (فردوس) of NFTs is waiting for you.

We also source appreciating real-estate assets from top developers around the Middle East and tokenise them in the form of NFTs on Firdaos to enable group-buying/pooling from collectors.


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