NFTz to FDO Swap at CoinTiger

As per our announcements earlier, NFTz holders had the obligation to move their holding assets into a decentralized wallet such as MetaMask before the snapshot date of (27/03/2023 10PM Dubai Time) from CoinTiger. 

All the holders that successfully made these transfers had received their FDO airdrop right after the snapshot. 

However, now the holders that did not move their NFTz assets to MetaMask within the said timeline — are not eligible for an airdrop. 

Still, we along with CoinTiger would not leave any holder behind and those that did not move it will still automatically have their NFTz tokens swapped within CoinTiger at a ratio of 10000:1 in good faith. 

Once these swaps are completed by CoinTiger – deposits and withdrawals will be enabled and trading shall begin instantaneously. 

Note: FDO official contract on ETH:

Firdaos (فردوس) of NFTs is waiting for you.

We also source appreciating real-estate assets from top developers around the Middle East and tokenise them in the form of NFTs on Firdaos to enable group-buying/pooling from collectors.


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