Firdaos (NFTz <> FDO) Distribution Structure

Firdaos will be on Ethereum ERC20 at a capped supply of 5,000,000 FDO tokens to ever exist on-chain at the contract deployed:


Given NFTz was a multi-chain project with 100,000,000 NFTz on each chain, collaboratively – Tron, Solana, BSC and Polygon. We will swap automatically for holders of each NFTz token using our 2 centralised exchanges that have the authority and holding majority of supply for all the NFTz. 

Now for the most important part, the supply is supposed to cause a major influx in terms of the market placement for FDO given there is only 5,000,000 to ever exist in the markets. If we take a case study of the history of FDO token— with just a supply of 1,920,000 we crossed a token price of USD 8 which was recorded across CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Realistically without financial advice and price discussions, at 5,000,000 tokens we can achieve a single dollar digit value for FDO tokens in no-time. 

In clarity we will be capping user assets with an exchange within 4,000,000 FDO tokens and keeping the rest 1,000,000 FDO locked up to be distributed with a special tokenomics in place. 

The holdings will drastically change for people having NFTz but it is key to understand without panic that in the broader picture the whole ecosystem is narrowing down and everyone will still hold equal percentile holdings in terms of holder list for the FDO token. 

In complete transparency, there will be no loss of funds as we will calibrate to a higher price value which will equate and generate an equilibrium for all investors with their invested sum and current holding. 

Therefore, going ahead we have CoinTiger and Bilaxy working with us closely to successfully ensure a smooth swap and launch of trading in due course of time. 

Please bear with us as we are amidst performing the swaps and launching FDO across exchanges at the same time.

Firdaos (فردوس) of NFTs is waiting for you.

We also source appreciating real-estate assets from top developers around the Middle East and tokenise them in the form of NFTs on Firdaos to enable group-buying/pooling from collectors.


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