Firdaos is the home of exclusive Music & Real-Estate Asset NFTs.

We bring a new layer of possibilities by tokenising real-estate and converting physical assets to NFTs along with launching Music NFTs from top artists around the globe.

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Connect your wallet

Getting started with Firdaos is simple. Just connect your metamask wallet and create your profile

Mint your NFTs

Upload your unique NFT artwork and fill out details. That’s it you can now mint this to the ETH blockchain

Receive Bids & Sell

Once minted, now you’re ready to start the auction. That’s it now you can recieve bids for your art

The infusion of actual world value backed NFTs is coming

Firdaos sources assets from the real-world and converts them into NFTs while retaining their value.

Bid for NFTs on Firdaos using FDO, ETH and USDT

Use Firdaos as a secondary market to also resell your NFTs.
The FDO token is also a deflationary asset that continues to burn total supply by contributing portion of FDO collected from all NFT sales and transactions fees from proceed of NFTs.

Music NFTs on Firdaos

We will source unreleased music from top artists around the world and launch it as NFTs on our platform for collectors to have a 1/1 experience and collect something of high value with 100% rights of the music to the collector.


Our entry into Celebrity NFTs started quite recently as we debuted rapper Soulja Boy’s first NFT on Rarible called “Crank That”, it made headlines overnight and we realised that high influence celebrities can have some serious skin in the game, right after this we did multiple drops for Soulja and all were sold out in hours. We then moved to more talents like the rapper Tyga, actress Lindsay Lohan, singer/songwriter Neyo and many others- all of which made headlines and were great success stories. 

We strengthened our core working silently in this domain and now are going full force after have identifying the demands of the NFT market and collectors, Firdaos is about to go deep with a strong line-up of celebrities that will be launched as NFTs in due course of time on our own marketplace.


Sahil Arora

Sahil is a serial entrepreneur based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates with over 6 years of experience in managing businesses ranging from financial technologies to handling media ventures and then scaling blockchain powered hardware and software businesses. He is a Peter Thiel Foundation 2016 Participant and a Draper University Alumni. He also acts as a highly influential individual with connections varying from celebrities to business giants in crypto. Sahil owns a vast portfolio of digital collectibles pseudonymously that consists NFTs of major celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, Mark Cuban, Grimes, The Weeknd and more. He recently was also the highest bidder of the 1/1 NFT “The Source” by The Weeknd, for which the artist himself recognised Sahil over his social media.

Buy or Swap FDO in a breeze

FDO tokens are available to trade on centralized exchanges— CoinTiger and Bilaxy for now. It is also available on Uniswap for DEX enthusiasts.

Real-Estate NFTs from UAE 🇦🇪

Launching NFTs backed by real-world assets at Firdaos
We also source appreciating real-estate assets from top developers around the Middle East and tokenise them in the form of NFTs on Firdaos to enable group-buying/pooling from collectors.

Firdaos(فردوس) of NFTs is waiting for you.

We also source appreciating real-estate assets from top developers around the Middle East and tokenise them in the form of NFTs on Firdaos to enable group-buying/pooling from collectors.

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